What’s Poppin’: The Internet — Get Away

This is the first installment in my “What’s Poppin'” series where I highlight new music that either interests me or that I feel will blow up in the near future.

Don’t “hipster” me on this, okay? I don’t want to hear your “you haven’t heard of them before, I knew about them before they were popular yap yap yap!”

It’s new to me damnit! — editor.

Although it’s still up for debate whether the Odd Future gang have officially disbanded, it isn’t questionable that individually the crew members are still putting out some thoughtful, provocative and soulful music.

“Former” OFWGKTA members Syd the Kyd and Matt Martians — along with Jameel Bruner, Midtown Pat, Christopher Smith, Tim Lancer and Steve Lacy — released their first album “Purple Naked Ladies” on Odd Future records in 2011. They followed up with their sophomore album 2013’s release “Feel Good” and then “Ego Death,” which was released this year.

One of the album’s standout tracks is Get Away, which showcases Syd’s soft and flexible vocals floating over Martian’s punching beat. Syd’s freedom expressing herself, her love and sexuality are beautiful signs of where Hip Hop and Soul are going, whether mainstream radio is paying attention or not.

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