A Quick Word About the KKK Hacking Controversy

Two things: First, everyone needs to calm down; this means progressive and liberal activist groups ready to skin any an all individuals “uncovered” in the recent Anonymous-led hacking of a KKK member’s email address, as well as anybody actually uncovered with the hacking. (Yeah, sorry, but if your name comes up in a dump, understand that your statement means nothing. You’re going to have to provide counter-arguments, documentation and alibis out the ass if you want to side step the shit storm that’s rightfully waiting for anyone who is ousted as an honest-to-God member of the KKK.)

Secondly, we don’t know if any of this is actually legitimate.

For one, Anonymous is denying any role in the most recent dump. On Sunday and Monday, the first wave of information was left on the text-sharing site Pastebin. The information included emails and phone numbers, some seemingly indicting a group of prominent politicians.

Denials followed almost immediately.

Politicians fired back on Twitter, proclaiming their innocence and disavowing any connection to the domestic terrorist group. The list includes Sens. Thomas Tillis (R-NC), John Cornyn (R-TX), John Hardy Isakson (R-GA), and Dan Coats (R-IN), as well as several mayors, one of which happened to be openly gay Democratic mayor of Lexington, Kentucky, Jim Gray. It seems that this leak lacks any validity, so much so that the initial group heading the assault on the KKK — Operation KKK — has begun separating themselves from the dump, less they damage their own reputation.



And lastly, how surreal is this?

Although this most recent leak seems to be bowing under the weight of scrutiny, there is still a real possibility that we could see a list of names with some very important names on it. And although gay Lexington, Kentucky, mayor Jim Gray may not be one of them (read: probably un-fucking-likely), this could stand as just one more instance of modern technology pulling the veil back for the hard headed.

There are many people who believe that, to quote President Barack Obama, “the African American community is [just making this up];” and that’s not the case.

Systemic and infrastructural racism is a thing.

The mere idea that this list could contain names of judges, police officers, and government officials is just one more red herring in this new era where police seem to be regularly filmed gunning down unarmed, fleeing citizens, waving guns at half-dressed children, or dragging 16-year-old girls across classroom floors. There seems to be little, if any, room left to wrap oneself in the comfort and security of one’s own delusion.

Yet and still, I have faith that when the actual list does drop, no matter who is on it, there will be a significant percentage of the U.S. population ready to explain, excuse or redirect the very truth sitting in front of them, all naked, bare and obvious, with it’s red, white and blue veil pulled away, discarded and burned.

It seems to be the trend.

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