Joe Budden Starches Drake in Fiery Diss ‘Making A Murderer (Part 1)’

It’s on!

Weeks after Drake threw subliminal shots at Puff Daddy, Meek Mill and Joe Budden with his “4PM in Calabasas,” the latter emcee has decided to abandon his “I’m-not-in-this” attitude and pick up the gauntlet of battle.

And unless Drake does something serious soon, he may have caught an Ether-level L.

Yesterday, June 30, Joe Budden dropped “Making a Murderer (Part 1)” It’s a monster.

Check out hip hop’s response to this neutron bomb by clicking here.

While Meek was someone that Drake could handedly destroy, and Common was someone he could ignore (more on that another time…basically Common ain’t that great of a battler), this cannot be ignored.

If Drake is going to maintain his spot as one of the top three guys of his generation along with Cole and Kendrick, he can’t play around with Joey.

If you’re interested in teh lyrics and a deeper breakdown, check out “Making of a Murderer (Part 1)” page on As a quick review, it’s everything a battle track should be, it’s funny, personal, humiliating, exposing and, most importantly, lyrical. And this is why things can get sticky for Drake.

While Drake is a great writer and lyricist, he’s not on Joe’s level, just like he’s not on Kendrick’s and maybe a step ahead or behind Cole, depending on who you ask. If he’s going to survive this and do any damage, he has to do several things:

  • Put the Quentin Miller controversy to bed. First and foremost, there is little wrong with using your position as a top dude in the game to put on one of your guys as a writer. Ice Cube did it with Del the Funky Homosapien, and vice versa, Lil’ Wayne did it for Drake, hell, KRS One all but admits it’s one of hip hop’s secret traditions and guilty allowances. Basically, it can be explained away with one good line, but it shouldn’t be left alone anymore, it’s too easy of a target on his neck and will always diminish his ability in true heads’ eyes.
  • Don’t let one of hip hop’s most sensitive rappers call you the same. Look, everyone knows that Budden is the Eeyore of Slaughterhouse. Dude is always one one bad day away from going full Joker on us. Any attack Drake fields about his own sensitivity can be returned on Budden full on.
  • This is the time to black out, but still make it catchy: The singing’s done now; there’s no more pussy-footing around. Now it’s time for bars. Bars. Bars. It’s time to go back to the old Drake, the hungry Drake. It can be done, because we’ve seen glimmers of it recently. In fact, “4 PM in Calabasas” can be seen as an instance of this old Drake peeking his way through the veil of success and corporate overindulgence. But one thing is certain, he has to keep the part of him that can turn a lyrical beatdown into a radio single like what he did with “Back to Back.” That’s where Budden can’t follow Drake: on the radio. If Drake does that, this battles over.
  • Take advantage of Budden’s weird affection for him. I’m not sure if anyone else picked up on this, but I think Budden is actually cool with Drake. Although the bars were hard, they weren’t necessarily mean and that’s not something I’d usually expect from a Budden diss. Budden is known to be nasty, both literally and figuratively. But this verse, as jaw dropping as it was, can be boiled down to, “be careful because I can hurt you.” If Drake is to survive this, he has to take advantage of that. He needs to go for the jugular: Talk about Budden’s drug abuse past, his past abuse of women, getting jumped by the Wu Tang clan’s clan, losing his battle to Hollow the Don, nothing’s off the table. Be as mean as possible, because when this gets to Part 2, I don’t think Joe’s holding back.

Whatever the case, Drake better buckle down, because there are too many young dudes ready to take his spot. He better come with some Ether for Ether.

Regardless, for the hip hop fans however, this only promises to be an eventful and hot summer.

But what do you think?

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