Joey Bada$$ — Land of the Free (Official Video)

When Brooklyn, New York, rapper Joey Bada$$ said he was a better rapper than his idol Tupac Shakur in a Genius interview, the Internet went crazy.

Entirely stripped of context, the quote riled the masses. Old heads and hip hop purists unfamiliar with the rapper felt Joey’s cocky arrogance  was indicative of a younger, disrespectful, hip hop generation.

However, those in the know understood just how correct the young MC was. As if to prove that his words weren’t hollow boasts, yesterday Joey released the video to “Land of the Free,” the second single for his sophomore project All-AmeriKKKan Bada$$.

Released to the Internet shortly before President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the song was noted for its fiery political tone. The new video shares this message, juxtaposing scenes of black and brown oppression with those of Joey teaching a group of bright-faced children.

The sad, violent, but at the same time uplifting, video is a perfect example of an MC stepping up his game to match his rhetoric. Many may not feel he’s as good a rapper as Tupac, but at least now the conversation can be had.

Check out the video below.

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