#TBT — Witness Redman and Method Man’s Ascent into Hip Hop Legend

Because “why not,” let’s celebrate the glorious and too often unsung awesomeness that is the Redman and Method Man pairing.

Representing two groups that could’ve been rivals, Def Squad’s Redman and Wu Tang Clan’s Method Man became fast friends as they were both signed to Def Jam in the early 90s. Finding similarities in hobbies (weed), passions (weed) and goals (getting more weed), the two linked up for the classic single “How High,” which was featured on the soundtrack for the 1995 hip hop documentary, The Show.

For hip hop heads at the time, the pairing seemed to be a great supergroup that didn’t make much sense, but that you quickly realized you couldn’t do without.

Method Man’s liquid, adaptive flow meshed perfectly with Red’s punchline-heavy lyricism.

The two would go on to drop a collaborative album in 1999, the massively slept on “Blackout!” They then moved on to their 2001 stoner film, “How High” and later a short-lived television show “Method & Red” on Fox in 2004.

The duo continues to make music, dropping “Blackout! 2” in 2009.

So let’s recognize two hip hop legends for #ThrowbackThursday.

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Where do you feel Red & Mef rank as far as greatest hip hop duos/groups of all time? Let us know below.

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