#FreestyleFriday — RZA, Meek Mill, Eminem & More

Since it’s Friday, let’s go through this week in hip hop and see who dropped the most fire.

Let’s start things off with the Abbott of the Wu Tang Clan, RZA, swung by Funkmaster Flex to talk about upcoming projects, his hew producing protege Allah Mathematics, and of course to throw some darts, which ended up being a 9-minute freestyle.


Meanwhile, somewhere in America, Meek Mill and one of this new artists find themselves in the middle of a cyhper. What I like about this is that it appears Meek is making the kid prove himself, which is what a cypher really is anyway: A Proving Ground. Although I’m not sure who the kid is at this moment, some listeners have compared the newcomer to late rapper Addarren Ross aka Lil’ Snupe, who was killed in 2013. I think he has some ways to go before he’s ready, but what do you think?


Most people who saw the 2017 BET Hip Hop Awards left talking about Eminem’s fiery Anti-Trump freestyle, but many glossed over the gems dropped by Mysonne, and that’s a shame. In his verse, the New York rapper goes over the hypocrisies of those living the street life and how detrimental the mind-state can be on urban youths.


We might as well end things with the freestyle that broke the Internet, Eminem’s attack on President Donald Trump, his beliefs and his supporters. In Eminem fashion, he lit up his target as only he could: with passion, righteous indignation, and a skillful rhyme set few in the industry could ever hope to reach.

As always, Eminem became a lightening rod for controversy with people either loving or hating the verse. L.A. rapper Vince Staples, while respecting the message, called it “trash.” On the flip side, New Jersey hip hop legend Redman said that Eminem deserves “respect.” He expressed his appreciation for the emcee to stand up for, what some consider, a black issue, even though he didn’t have to.

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