New Videos: Jay-Z Releases ‘Marcy Me,’ ‘Smile’ & ‘Legacy; Kendrick Drops ‘Love’

Yesterday, both Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar dropped long-awaited videos for their 2017 projects 4:44 and DAMN. respectively. The videos continue the spirit of emotional self-expression and social commentary that lead both albums to have such a major impact in 2017.

Kendrick’s “Love” operates both as a commentary on the many sides of love — good times and bad — as well as Lamar’s celebration of women. The dream-like atmosphere of the video perfectly compliments Zacari’s vocals.

Also of note is the varied depiction of beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and races.

LOVE. ft. Zacari

Jay-Z decided to drop three videos from his album: “Marcy Me,” “Smile” and “Legacy.” This is fantastic for those of us who do not own, nor plan to own, a TIDAL subscription.

The three songs all attack separate social issues with three compelling narratives. “Marcy Me” follows a police helicopter as it circles through the projects, shining its light into the darkness and onto black citizens just trying to live their lives. Throughout the video there’s this foreboding sense that something tragic is about to happen, making the ending all the more jarring and unsettling.

Marcy Me

“Smile” is inspired by the story of Jay-Z’s mother and her life as a closeted lesbian. The narrative is told well through the visuals alone, with everything culminating into a heartbreaking finale.

Smile ft. Gloria Carter

“Legacy,” as a story, is the most removed from the song it is attached to. While the track “Legacy” finds Jay-Z waxing poetic about intergenerational wealth, influence and responsibility, the video takes place in a prison where an inmate educates others on the importance of legacy.


What did you think of the videos? Tell us in the comments below!

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